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Title: Nastava srpskog jezika u funkciji podsticanja čitalačkih interesovanja učenika mlađeg školskog uzrasta
Authors: Puric, Daliborka S
Journal: Inovacije u nastavi
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Identification and development of interest for reading at younger school age is important for developing affinity towards literature as a form of art. In the paper, the author focuses on the evalu­ation of Serbian language teaching as one of the factors that contribute to motivating, guiding and encouraging pupils to improve their reading skills. Teaching literature as an important factor in de­veloping not only motivation for reading, but also reading skills, continually gives rise to the issue of finding the ways in which pupils will gradually grow to like books and learn from them. The influence of teaching literature in the lower grades of primary school on pupils' reading interests was tested by interviewing primary school teachers (N=312) from 33 schools in the city of Belgrade and 10 administrative districts of the Republic of Serbia. The research tasks were designed to examine teachers' attitudes towards: (a) the influence of literature teaching on pupils' reading interests; (b) the contribution of text localization to fostering pupils' reading interests; (c) the con­tribution of the analyzing the genre particularities of texts to the development of pupils' reading preferences. The research results show the following: (a) teaching literature, in the opinion of teachers, affects pupils' reading interests to a lesser extent; (b) text localization contributes to a greater extent to encouraging pupils' interest in reading; (c) the interpretation of the genre particularities of the text contributes to a lesser extent to the stimulation of pupils' reading interests. Bearing in mind that the efficiency of educational work is assessed by the level of development of reading interests, it is neces­sary that all participants in the teaching process pay special attention to designing a creative and challenging environment which will, by knowing, encouraging and developing pupils' reading inter­est, satisfy their needs for development by reading and through reading.
Type: article
DOI: 10.5937/inovacije1804031P
ISSN: 0352-2334
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