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Title: Mogućnosti e-učenja u nastavi likovne kulture
Authors: Ilić, Vojislav L.
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: In the classroom of the 21st century, the teaching of art culture is increasingly under constant external influences, so that the classroom is a place where students learn, explore, create and evaluate artwork. The richness of the information offered through the use of IC T is multiplied in many ways compared to the classical media. Today’s specialized classrooms for teaching fine arts can be described as a place of learning where students explore, create, and evaluate artwork. The use of computers in the teaching of fine arts is about traditional pedagogical concepts and practice, only using new media, using software to simulate traditional tools such as brushes and pens. Creating works with the help of IC T is a modern way of visual expression of students. Using different computer software and peripherals, students can create works of visual art (drawings, paintings, collages, 3D works, works of applied arts, architecture, photographs, animated and cartoons, films ...) that can arise during classes or work at home. The use of e–learning does not in any way mean the rejection of existing learning/teaching content, but only the improvement of the existing educational material, or its modernization. Modern media are not created and used in isolation from classical fine arts or in an isolated cultural context. Modern and traditional media should be used together by taking the best of both media.
Type: article
ISSN: 1820-1768
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