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Title: Expression de l’antériorité et de la résultativité : valeurs du plus-que-parf ait en français et en serbe
Authors: Spasović, Miloš
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: In this paper our aim is to present the main values of the pluperfect tense. Given that the category of anteriority introduced by Reichenbach proves to be insufficient to explain and cover the values of this verbal form, we also focus on the category of resultativity which this tense also has at its disposal. Using these two notions as basic points of our research we will show the means by which the pluperfect tense expresses the values of anteriority and resultativity in French and Serbian. In some cases, by analyzing texts, it is difficult to distinguish between these two functions, i.e. it is difficult to tell if the used pluperfect is intended to introduce the event itself or its consequence. We will try to define these two uses by making use of narrative techniques, such as notions of foreground and background, the phenomenon of returning to a previous setting etc.
Type: article
ISSN: 1820-1768
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