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Title: Symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress in patients with chronic otitis media
Authors: Jotic, Ana
Opankovic A.
Radin Z.
Cvorovic L.
Savić Vujović K.
Krejovic-Trivic S.
Bukurov B.
Miličić B.
Stojanovic, Jasmina
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Purpose Persistent symptoms of chronic otitis media cause limitations in daily routine and social interactions, influencing significantly patients' quality of life and mental health. The purpose of the study was to assess the intensity depression, anxiety and stress symptoms in patients with chronic otitis media and to examine if patient demographic data, characteristics and reported symptoms of otitis influence reported depression, anxiety and stress symptoms. Material and methods The study included 316 adult patients diagnosed with unilateral or bilateral chronic otitis media with or without cholesteatoma. Patients underwent a complete otological, audiological and radiological assessment. Chronic otitis media questionnaire 12 (COMQ-12) was used to assess the impact of COM and Depression Anxiety Stress Scale 21 (DASS-21) was used for depression, anxiety and stress assessment. Results Some level of anxiety and stress were detected in 70.57% 49.37% of the patients, respectively. 13.29% of the patients had scores indicating depression disorder. The mean value of the COMQ-12 questionnaire for this group of patients was 26.24 (SD±11.47) More intense symptoms of COM were significantly associated (p<0.05) with higher scores on DASS-21 subscales. Multivariate logistic regression analysis indicated that significant positive predictors of higher anxiety scores were pure tone average (PTA) on better and worse hearing ear (p<0.05). Drainage from the ear, hearing problems at home and tinnitus were significant positive predictors of a higher DASS-depression score. (p<0.05) Conclusion The study confirmed positive correlation between reported level of anxiety, depression and stress, severity of COM symptoms and quality of life. Level of hearing on the better and worse hearing ear were significant positive predictors of anxiety and stress in patients with COM.
Type: article
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0270793
SCOPUS: 2-s2.0-85133371476
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