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Authors: Živković, Dušan
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of the nature, functions, forms and significance of the relationship between Hermeticism and hypertext, from mythological and historical elements to their achievements in the digital era, through the following aspects: 1. The basic principles of linkages of hermetic texts, from the Egyptian and Greek traditions to the period of the Enlightenment; 2. the hints of the creation of hypertext in 20th-century literature; 3. the influence of Hermeticism on the nature of Alan Turing’s mission of structuring of information technology; 4. processes and outcomes of creating a modern concept of cross-networking - hypertext; 5. general features of interactive, hermetic literature in postmodernism; 6. the specificity of the era of the Internet and its connections with Hermeticism. Through an interdisciplinary approach, in order to develop and upgrade general information consciousness, we will unleash the hermetic principles that have made key influences on the creation of the system of hypertext. We will also analyze the relationships between the principles of forking paths, multiplication of information, interactivity, the concept of nonlinearity, combinatorics and plurality of hermetic codes.
Type: article
ISSN: 1820-1768
Appears in Collections:The Faculty of Philology and Arts, Kragujevac (FILUM)

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