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Title: The equals sign: The problem of early algebra learning and how to solve it
Authors: Milinkovic, Nenad
Maričić, Sanja
Đokić, Olivera
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: The equals sign is one of the most important concepts and symbols in mathematics, the understanding of which is crucial for learning and understanding all mathematical content, especially algebra. The paper will draw attention to the problems related to the formation and understanding of this concept, and present a methodological approach to learning based on the context modeling of real-life situations (modeling length, balance, etc.), with the aim of overcoming this misconception. In the empirical section of the paper, we examined the effects of the methodological framework of learning algebra on the understanding of the equals sign through an experiment with parallel groups, and on a sample of the fourth-grade students of primary school (N = 257). The obtained results show that the methodological approach based on the context modeling of real-life situations improves student understanding of the equals sign, as a symbol of mathematical equivalence and their ability to solve problems containing this sign.
Type: article
DOI: 10.5937/inovacije2203026M
ISSN: 0352-2334
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