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Title: Evaluation of Installing Semi-transparent Photovoltaic Glass on the Bus Stop
Authors: Jovanović, Davor
Gordić, Dušan
Lukic, Nebojsa
Vukašinović, Vladimir
Nikolić, Novak
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: Considering the constant growth in electricity demand, it is necessary to take into account new ways for electricity generation. Therefore, a significant number of transparent and semitransparent solar cells have been developed. Three cases of semi-transparent PV glass (10% visible light transmission) installations on a bus stop are analysed for Kragujevac weather conditions by using “EnergyPlus” software. In the first case, PV glass is installed on the horizontal roof of the bus stop, while in the second case PV glass is installed on a vertical section of the bus stop. The third case is the combination of the first two cases. An optimal semi-transparent glass installation spot on the bus stop is determined based on annual electricity yield, as well as profit obtained after 30 years of operation from electricity generation (electricity is sold to the grid) and payback period. Conducted simulations show that horizontally placed semi-transparent PV cells have the lowest payback period (19.2) compared to vertically placed PV cells, and both cases combined (24.2 and 20.25 years, respectively). In terms of profit after 30 years of operation, the third case (a combination of first two cases) shows the best results, with 35.86% and 73.83% higher profit compared to the first and second cases, respectively.
Type: article
ISSN: 0354-9496
Appears in Collections:Faculty of Engineering, Kragujevac

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