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dc.contributor.authorMiladinovic, Slavica-
dc.contributor.authorGajević, Sandra-
dc.contributor.authorIvanović, Lozica-
dc.contributor.authorSkulić, A-
dc.contributor.authorStojanovic, Blaza-
dc.description.abstractDemands of today’s automotive industry are increasing; there is a constant tendency of weight reduction and higher reliability of constructions. Pistons and piston liners for vehicles are mostly manufactured from aluminum-silicon alloys. With different manufacturing methods and/or the addition of some chemical elements, base alloy properties can be modified. Methods for hypereutectic aluminum alloys and composites manufacturing and their influence on material properties will be given in this paper. The influence of Si percentage in base alloy and how an addition of some chemical elements affects the properties of these materials will be observed as well.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineeringen_US
dc.titleA review of hypereutectic aluminum piston materialsen_US
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