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Title: Tribological Aspects of the Process of Winding the Steel Rope Around the Winch Drum
Authors: Matejic, Milos
Blagojevic, Mirko
Vesna, Marjanović
Vujanac, Rodoljub
Stojanović, Boban
Journal: Tribology in Industry
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Proper winding of the steel rope around the winch drum is great importance, mostly for: prolonging the service life of the rope, reduction of deformations of the body and the sides of the drum if the winding of the rope is multilayered, increasing of the safety factors, easier unwinding of the rope while lowering the load, even running of the drive unit, etc. The focus of this paper is on the analysis of the friction which occurs in the process of winding and unwinding the rope around the winch drum. Friction force is in its highest intensity when the rope passes from one layer to another, if the winding of the rope is multilayered. As the result of the research, certain mechanisms of winding of the rope from the aspects of the friction force were obtained, and the effects of the forces on the sides of the drum were analyzed.
Type: article
ISSN: 2217-7965
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