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dc.contributor.authorPetrović, Radovan-
dc.contributor.authorZivkovic, Miroslav-
dc.contributor.authorZheng Rong, Wang-
dc.contributor.authorRakić, Dragan-
dc.contributor.authorSlavkovic, Radovan-
dc.description.abstractIn developing the vane pumps the fundamental basis is experimental research and mathematical modelling of nonstationary hydraulic processes inside the pump, in thrust space and suction and thrust pipeline. By means of experimental research and results of mathematical modelling and software package KRILP, it is possible to determine the parameters of operating processes of vane pumps precisely enough. This research examines the idealized and actual flow ripple of a high-pressure vane within vane type pump. For the idealized case, a "perfect" pump is examined in which the leakage is considered to be zero and the fluid is considered to be incompressible. Based upon these assumptions, expressions describing the characteristics of the idealized flow-ripple are derived. Next, the actual flow-ripple of the pump is examined by considering the fluid compressibility and for computing these results a numerical program is used. From the idealized analysis it is shown that the idealized flow-ripple is determined by geometrical flow property.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThe authors gratefully acknowledge partial support by Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia, TR32036en_US
dc.relation.ispartofTehnički Vjesnik - Technical Gazetteen_US
dc.subjectaxial clearanceen_US
dc.subjecthydrodynamic processesen_US
dc.subjectmathematical modellingen_US
dc.subjectradial clearanceen_US
dc.subjectvane pumpen_US
dc.titleInfluence of air content entrained in fluid of a vane pump with double effect operating parametersen_US
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