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Title: Problems with 'Internet addiction' diagnosis and classification
Authors: Hinić, Darko
Journal: Psychiatria Danubina
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Owing to the fact that the Internet is spreading rapidly and influencing all aspects of everyday life, a task is assigned to the academic and clinical circles to establish a diagnosis and provide treatment for disorders brought about by its dysfunctional use. This paper presents a review of the most frequent problems and difficulties in dealing with individuals complaining of the symptoms of Internet use disorder, as well as some suggestions for overcoming and alleviating these problems. For the diagnostic criteria problem, a solution can be provided in the form of behavioural addictions category in order to solve the problem of the classification of not only this disorder but also other forms, such as pathological gambling, compulsive shopping etc. However, since there are obvious similarities with the compulsive behaviour, we suggest the term Internet Use Disorder, which appears most acceptable in terms of avoiding beforehand the indecisiveness of this disorder nature. Certainly, in the practical work with each client, by means of a precise and complex clinical interview, it would be further determined which subtype is under question and whether the mechanism of its realisation is more that of a compulsive or addictive nature. We also suggest an approach of defining a set of minimal key symptoms and manifestations of this problem, rather than singling out the personality profiles of individuals who constitute the population at risk. By prevention, the attentiveness of the public would be in that way directed towards the critical aspects of behaviour, and not towards a vague picture which causes panic and doubt, rather than reasonable ways of the problem solution.
Type: article
ISSN: 0353-5053
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