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Title: Izražavanje naredbi i dužnosti u Zbornicima zakona, uredbi i uredbenih ukaza iz 1840. i 1845. godine
Authors: Pavlović Jovanović, Jelena
Journal: Baština
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to examine commands and division of duties in the laws, decrees and ordinances from 1840 and 1845. We employed the following methods in our analysis: func-tional, stylistic, syntactic, linguistic, historical and discourse analysis. We have come to the con-clusion that the modal verb should within the deep structure of the legal texts, ought to be ex-pressed on the surface structure via (in)expressive means. Stern orders are connected to certain professions such as soldiers or government officials. More lenient orders and suggestions are connected with situations where the legislator is of a lower rank than the addressee. Additional expressiveness is conditioned by the lexical and semantic properties of the verbs, the use of nega-tion, additional qualifiers and the accumulation of examples.
Type: article
DOI: doi: 10.5937/bastina31-30126
ISSN: 0353-9008
Appears in Collections:The Faculty of Philology and Arts, Kragujevac (FILUM)

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