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Title: Pesničke homeostaze ili "Deponija" Popa D. Đurđeva
Authors: Vasileva, Olja
Journal: DETINJSTVO: Časopis o književnosti za decu
Issue Date: 2023
Abstract: The new reading of unique children’s poetics in modern literature for young readers implies multiple perspectives dancing together around the new image of modern Serbian children’s poetry. The book of landfill landscapes by Pop D. Djurdjev lies in the middle of multiple battles between reality, poetry and reader. In this modern epic era of children’s development situated on the other side of all the civilization’s rests, this poetry rises as a humanistic project and a big genre innovation where biology, philosophy, painting and autopoetics communicate to preserve the best of the world – children’s logic. Assisted by the phenomenon of landfills in Sejka’s painterly writings and Danilo Kis’s small poetry opus, this book for children follows all the signs of biological homeostasis as one step further of aesthetic harmony.
Type: article
ISSN: 0350–5286
Appears in Collections:The Faculty of Philology and Arts, Kragujevac (FILUM)

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