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Title: Nestajanje Antonija Isakovića
Authors: Jovanović, Violeta
Journal: NASLEĐE: časopis za književnost, jezik, umetnost i kulturu
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: The paper deals with the process of contextualizing the latest book by Antonije Isaković, within the collection Nestajanje (in English Disappearing), into the encompassed narrative array provided by the author searching for the poetic constant and dominant, as well as for the novel approaches brought about by the work in relation to his previous books. The paper analyses the narrative model and the structural aspect of the collection, as well as the function of autobiographic and documentary elements of the stories, the author’s thematic concern, the novel approach in the character conceptualization, whereby mythological elements and the elements of traditional symbolism are also researched, as well as the nature of time and space. By means of a parallel examination of Isaković’s implicit and formulated poetics, particularly in the second portion of his work, the author’s autopoietic self-consciousness is being re-examined and established.
Type: article
ISSN: 1820-1768
Appears in Collections:Faculty of Education, Jagodina

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