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Title: The last drama of metaphysics: Nietzsche
Authors: Vukašinović, Želimir
Journal: NASLEĐE: časopis za književnost, jezik, umetnost i kulturu
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: This paper deals with three internally related questions, recalled in the light of Heidegger’s and Jung’s interpretation of Nietzsche: Who is Nietzsche’s Zarathustra? What is the status of metaphysics, art and the will to power in relation to life? What is the meaning of Nietzsche’s words “God is dead”? The way of this questioning will highlight the importance of a personal engagement in philosophising announced by the voice of the first person perspective which requires to be expressed in its specific and (self)recognisable style. On this horizon emerges a constitutive possibility for a realisation of the intuitive method of philosophising by which a procedure of the ontological neutralization of the subject and a scientific objectification of the world will be opposed. Nietzsche’s work Thus Spoke Zarathustra is followed as a pathway of the art of philosophising constituted through the story-telling structure of the subject. Pаthos of the subject, its self-recognition in the will to power as the principle of revaluation of all values, physiology of art composed by never indifferent perspective of a living experience of the use and misuse metaphysics for life, are marking the place where the destiny of western metaphysics has been unbearably intensified to its last drama: Nietzsche!
Type: article
ISSN: 1820-1768
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