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Title: Funkcije i distribucija stilema u reklamama za kozmetičke proizvode
Authors: Rakić, Aleksandra
Vučićević, Ana
Journal: Brendovi u književnosti, jeziku i umetnosti: zbornik radova
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: The paper examines functional potential and distributional differentiation of stylistic devices in advertising discourse of audio-visual and print media. Criteria of differentiation were the nature of advertising media and orientation of advertisements towards male or female customers. We have established that stylistic devices may function either as efficacious means of persuasion or as stylistic connectives. Having taken into account greater number of identified stylistic devices in audio-visual advertisements, we deduced that the criterion of type of advertising media plays an important part regardless of function of stylistic device, while orientation of advertisement towards a certain sexually differentiated group of customers influences formulation of advertisement only in terms of function of persuasion.
Type: conferenceObject
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