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Назив: Seed quality of oilseed rape varieties with different size and colors after three and fifteen months storage
Аутори: Kneževič J.
Tomic, Dalibor
Jovanovic D.
Tmušić N.
Štrbanović R.
Poštić D.
Stanisavljevic, Rade
Датум издавања: 2019
Сажетак: © Ankara Üniversitesi Ziraat Fakültesi. During two years, germinability and initial growth of seedling of nine foreign varieties and four domestic varieties were studied. The seed is grouped by size (small, medium and large), color (dark transitional and light color of seed coat). Then it was preserved and at three and fifteen months of age in the laboratory and in the field, germinability, dormant seed and growth of shoot and radicle root were examined. In addition to the age, other factors (variety, size, color, period of storage) influenced significantly (P≥0.05 to P≥0.00) on seed germinability and growth of seedling. Higher germinability is achieved from large seeds up to 3.6%. Depending on the seed coat color, the germinability varied to 11%. The seed coat color has had a high impact on maintaining germinability for fifteen months. Seeds with darker coat have also shown higher potential for storage and use in subsequent seeding periods, as determined by the application of the aging test on seed. Significant interdependence (r) was obtained between the germinability test and the growth of seedling in laboratory conditions and in field conditions. Between the germinability and the growth of the shoot and the root, a significant interdependence was established, depending on the varieties (P≥0.05 to P≥0.00).
URI: https://scidar.kg.ac.rs/handle/123456789/8440
Тип: article
DOI: 10.15832/ankutbd.442650
ISSN: 1300-7580
SCOPUS: 2-s2.0-85077070164
Налази се у колекцијама:Faculty of Agronomy, Čačak

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