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Title: Analysis of interrelations between wheat protein fractions composition and its technological quality by combined multivariate and univariate statistics
Authors: Mastilović J.
Horvat D.
Živančev, Dragan
Torbica A.
Kevrešan Ž.
Đukić, Nevena
Magdic D.
Simic G.
Journal: Hemijska Industrija
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2014
Abstract: Data on protein fractions' proportion, obtained with RP-HPLC and technological quality parameters for 29 wheat cultivars grown in Serbia and Croatia, were used for studying of interrelations among wheat protein fractions with different solubility and molecular weight properties by multivariate (PCA) analysis. Obtained trends were used as the base for investigations related to differentiation of technological quality among wheat cultivars with different combination of protein fractions' compositions using univariate statistics (ANOVA followed by Duncan's test) in order to draw out information about interrelations between protein fractions proportion in wheat cultivars and their technological quality. Analysis based on the first four PCA factors (89.04% of variability) pointed out interdependencies between: 1) high content of albumins and globulins, low gliadins content and gliadins/ glutenins ratio, high ω-gliadins, LMW glutenins and low α-gliadins share in total protein with low water absorption, high energy and high resistance to extensibility ratio, 2) high albumin and globulin content and high proportion of ω-gliadins in total protein and low extensigraph extensibility, 3) high share of high molecular weight glutenins (HMW-GS) in total proteins, high extensigraph resistance/extensibility ratio and 4) high γ-gliadins share in total protein and low extensigraph resistance/extensibility ratio.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.2298/HEMIND130313057M
ISSN: 0367598X
SCOPUS: 84904134417
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