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Title: Lingvostilistički pristup romanu Glasam za ljubav Grozdane Olujić
Authors: Raković, Marija
Journal: Uzdanica
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Abstract: The paper analyses linguo-stylistic features in the novel Glasam za ljubav [I vote for love] written by Grozdana Olujić. The analysis aims to determine stylistic devices at all language levels, particularly morphological, lexical, syntactic and textual stylistic devices, as the most dominant in the novel. At the morphological level, the following features are considered: (1) markedness of morphological categories and (2) expressive value of morphological categories (primarily the usage of verb forms). Concerning lexical stylistic devices, the emphasis is put on the following: (1) expressive lexis and (2) lexis with a particular functional-stylistic markedness. At the level of syntactic stylistics, the paper deals with differences between syntactic stylistic devices and syntactic synonymy on one side, and the opposition between nominal and verbal styles, as well as the different procedures of achieving syntactic expressiveness on the other. The following aspects of textual stylistics, a relatively new field of stylistic research, are examined: (1) strong textual positions; (2) textual stylistic conjunctions; (3) points of view, and (4) intertextuality, metatext, autoreferentiality. Furthermore, the analysis comprises the use of stylistic devices which contribute to Grozdana Olujić’s writing style, to building the characters and to understanding the message of the novel. It can be concluded that these devices contribute to the uniqueness of language and style of Grozdana Olujić’s writing
Type: Article
ISSN: 1451-673X
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