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Authors: Miloradović, Bojan
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Abstract: Intensive technological development and modern lifestyle create the need to adapt teaching to new trends. As one of the innovative models, integrative teaching provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to the demands they are facing. The model is not based on knowledge of individual subjects, but rather represents a correlation between the contents of these subjects, thus forming a single entity that is purposeful and in line with modern requirements. One of the key challenges of modern lifestyle is the reduced level of physical activity that causes many health problems. Physical education classes at school are the only option for each child to be involved in various physical activities, but, in addition to this, it is necessary to look for other opportunities for additional physical activity of pupils in school. This paper presents the most common application of integrative teaching, through which students are provided with interdisciplinary approach to the requirements they are faced with at higher levels, by connecting modern concepts of learning and teaching into one complex whole through a network of interconnected parts. The results of some previous research studies on integrative teaching and its elements are presented, with the focus on integrated teaching of physical education and other subjects. The results do not involve the effects of integrative teaching on students’ academic achievements.
Type: Article
ISSN: 1451-673X
Appears in Collections:Faculty of Education, Jagodina
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