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10.1007-s10616-012-9527-1.pdf.jpg2013About Belgrade's contemporary hodonyms of anthroponymic originMilošević-Đorđević, Olivera; Stosic I.; Stankovíc M.; Grujičić, Darko
10.1093-mutage-gey037.pdf.jpg2018Apoptosis and genome instability in children with autoimmune diseasesVrndic O.; Zivancevic-Simonovic, Snezana; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera; Djurdjevic, Predrag; Jovanovic, Danijela; Todorovic Z.; Grujičić, Darko; Radović M.; Tubic J.; Markovic A.; Paunović, Marija; Stanojevic Pirkovic, Marijana; Markovic, Slavica
10.1620-tjem.255.213.pdf.jpg2021Assessment of chromosomal damage in umbilical blood lymphocytes of newborns from kragujevac in central serbia born 18 years after environmental contaminationMilošević-Đorđević, Olivera; Vukajlović J.; Markovic A.; Grujičić, Darko; Arsenijevic P.; Arsenijevic, Slobodan
1450-96361840153G.pdf.jpg2018Association of GSTT1 and GSTM1 gene polymorphisms with susceptibility to autoimmune diseases: A preliminary studyGrujičić, Darko; Radović-Jakovljević, Marina; Mihaljević, Olgica; Zivancevic-Simonovic, Snezana; Milošević-Đordjević, Olivera
10.2478-10004-1254-63-2012-2225.pdf.jpg2012Chromosomal instability in peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with reproductive failure assessed by micronucleus assayMilošević-Đorđević, Olivera; Stosic I.; Grujičić, Darko; Zelen I.; Sazdanovic, Predrag
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Comparative study of the genotoxic activity of Artemisia vulgaris L. and Artemisia alba Turra extracts in vitroRadović M.; Stanković, Milan; Vukovic, Nenad; Vukić, Milena; Grujičić, Darko; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera
10.1620-tjem.229.115.pdf.jpg2013Correlation between micronuclei frequency in peripheral blood lymphocytes and retention of 131-I in thyroid cancer patientsVrndic O.; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera; Mijatovic Teodorovic, Ljiljana; Jeremic M.; Stosic I.; Grujičić, Darko; Zivancevic-Simonovic, Snezana
10.1177-1934578X19843610.pdf.jpg2019Craterellus cornucopioides Edible Mushroom as Source of Biologically Active CompoundsKosanic, Marijana; Ranković B.; Stanojkovic, Tatjana; Radovic-Jakovljevic M.; Ciric, Andrija; Grujičić, Darko; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2016Cytogenetic biomarkers in detection of genotoxic effects of gestagens in peripheral blood lymphocytes in vitro and in vivoGrujičić, Darko; Radović M.; Arsenijevic, Slobodan; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera
10.1177-1934578X19843011.pdf.jpg2019Ethyl acetate extracts of two Artemisia species: Analyses of phenolic profile and anticancer activities against SW-480 colon cancer cellsJakovljevic, Mihajlo; Grujičić, Darko; Živanovic M.; Stankovíc M.; Ciric, Andrija; Djurdjevic, Predrag; Todorovic Z.; Zivancevic-Simonovic, Snezana; Mihaljević O.; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera
10.31925-FARMACIA.2021.5.22.pdf.jpg2021Evaluation of biological activities of acetone extract of the mushroom leccinum scabrumVukajlović J.; Kosanic, Marijana; Ranković B.; Stanojkovic, Tatjana; Markovic A.; Grujičić, Darko; Djelić N.; Radakovic M.; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera
10.1007-s10616-013-9629-4.pdf.jpg2014Evaluation of in vitro antioxidant, antimicrobial, genotoxic and anticancer activities of lichen Cetraria islandicaGrujičić, Darko; Stosic I.; Kosanic, Marijana; Stanojkovic, Tatjana; Ranković B.; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020Genotoxic and cytotoxic properties of two medical plants (Teucrium arduini L.and Teucrium flavum L.) in relation to their polyphenolic contentsGrujičić, Darko; Markovic A.; Tubic J.; Stanković, Milan; Radovic-Jakovljevic M.; Ciric, Andrija; Djordjević K.; Planojević, Nina; Ćurčić Milutinović, Milena; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera
10.7314-APJCP.2014.15.7.3201.pdf.jpg2014Glutathione S-transferase T1 and M1 polymorphisms and risk of uterine cervical lesions in women from central SerbiaStosic I.; Grujičić, Darko; Arsenijevic, Slobodan; Brkic M.; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera
10.1620-tjem.220.115.pdf.jpg2010High micronucleus frequency in peripheral blood lymphocytes of untreated cancer patients irrespective of gender, smoking and cancer sitesMilošević-Đorđević, Olivera; Grujičić, Darko; Vasković Z.; Marinković D.
0354-46641500019M.pdf.jpg2015In vitro chemoprotective and anticancer activities of propolis in human lymphocytes and breast cancer cellsMilošević-Đorđević, Olivera; Grujičić, Darko; Radović, Marina; Vukovic, Nenad; Žižić, Jovana; Marković, Snežana
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2011In vitro evaluation of the genotoxicity of ritodrine and verapamil in human lymphocytesMilošević-Đorđević, Olivera; Grujičić, Darko; Joksic, Gordana; Marinković D.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2020In vitro study of genotoxic and cytotoxic activities of methanol extracts of Artemisia vulgaris L. and Artemisia alba TurraRadovic-Jakovljevic M.; Grujičić, Darko; Tubic J.; Markovic A.; Ćurčić Milutinović, Milena; Stanković, Milan; Vukovic, Nenad; Vukić, Milena; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2014Influence of glutathione - S - transferase (GSTT1 and GSTM1) polymorphism on baseline micronuclei frequency in peripheral blood lymphocytesStosic I.; Grujičić, Darko; Arsenijevic, Slobodan; Milošević-Đorđević, Olivera
10.2298-GENSR1702599M.pdf.jpg2017Influence of GSTT1 and GSTM1 null genotypes on differentiated thyroid cancer risk and baseline and radioiodine induced cytogenetic damage in peripheral blood lymphocytes of patientsMilošević-Đorđević, Olivera; Grujičić, Darko; Radovic-Jakovljevic M.; Marinković D.; Dimitrijević, Slađana; Mihaljević O.; Mijatovic Teodorovic, Ljiljana; Zivancevic-Simonovic, Snezana