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0354-46641104991M.pdf.jpg2011Alteration of oxidative stress parameters in red blood cells of rats after chronic in Vivo treatment with cisplatin and seleniumMarković, Snežana; Žižić, Jovana; Šeklić, Dragana; Obradović, Ana; Ćurčić Milutinović, Milena; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Đorđević, Nevena; Ognjanovic, Branka; Štajn A.
1450-96361941077M.pdf.jpg2019Altered apoptosis and biotransformation signaling in HCT-116 colorectal carcinoma cells induced by Teucrium chamaedrys L. extractĆurčić Milutinović, Milena; Nikodijević, Danijela; Stanković, Milan; Cvetković, Danijela; Marković, Snežana
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2021Analysis of the presence of criminal offenses in the field of the shadow economy in serbiaKneževič J.; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Mićović M.; Mitrović A.; Milojević A.
0354-46641500015M.pdf.jpg2015Antioxidant and anticancer properties of leaves and seed cones from European yew (Taxus baccata L.)Ćurčić Milutinović, Milena; Stanković, Milan; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Topuzovic, Marina; Mihailovic, Vladimir; Marković, Snežana
10.3390-ijms13022521.pdf.jpg2012Antiproliferative and proapoptotic activities of methanolic extracts from ligustrum vulgare L. as an individual treatment and in combination with palladium complexĆurčić Milutinović, Milena; Stankovíc M.; Mrkalić, Emina; Matović, Zoran; Banković D.; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Šeklić, Dragana; Marković, Snežana
1450-96362244155J.pdf.jpg2022The biological activity of Ocimum minimum L. flowers on redox status parameters in HCT-116 colorectal carcinoma cellsJovankić, Jovana; Nikodijević, Danijela; Blagojević, Stefan; Radenković, Nikola; Jakovljević, Dragana; Grbović, Filip; Cvetković, Danijela
10.1002-jib.329.pdf.jpg2016Chemical composition and in vitro antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of plum (Prunus domestica L.) wineMiljić U.; Puškaš V.; Velićanski A.; Mašković, Pavle; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Vujic J.
2021Determination of VEGF and CXCR4 in Tumor and Peritumoral Tissue of Patients with Breast Cancer as a Predictive FactorCvetkovic, Danijela; Cvetković, Aleksandar; Nikodijević, Danijela; jovankic, jovana; Ćurčić Milutinović, Milena; Stojic, Vladislava; Zdravkovic, Natasa; Mltrovic S.
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2011Effects of acute in vivo cisplatin and selenium treatment on hematological and oxidative stress parameters in red blood cells of ratsMarković, Snežana; Šeklić, Dragana; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Obradović, Ana; Žižić J.; Ognjanovic, Branka; Štajn A.
1450-96361840175J.pdf.jpg2018Effects of royal jelly on energy status and expression of apoptosis and biotransformation genes in normal fibroblast and colon cancer cellsJovanović, Milena; Ćupurdija, Maja; Nikodijević, Danijela; Ćurčić Milutinović, Milena; Cvetković, Danijela; Rakobradović, Jelena; Marković, Snežana
Nikodijevic et al KJS.pdf.jpg2016Effects of Teucrium polium L. and Teucrium montanum L.: Extracts on mechanisms of apoptosis in breast and colon cancer cellsNikodijević, Danijela; Ćurčić Milutinović, Milena; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Stankovic, Milan; Živanović, Marko; Marković, Snežana
10.1186-s12935-014-0084-x.pdf.jpg2014Electromagnetic field investigation on different cancer cell linesFilipovic, Nenad; Djukic, Tijana; Radović M.; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Ćurčić Milutinović, Milena; Marković, Snežana; Peulic A.; Jeremic B.
10.3389-fpubh.2021.727274.pdf.jpg2021Epidemiological Predictive Modeling of COVID-19 Infection: Development, Testing, and Implementation on the Population of the Benelux UnionSustersic, Tijana; Blagojevic, Andjela; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Cvetkovic, Aleksandar; Lorencin, Ivan; Baressi Šegota, Sandi; Milovanovic, Dragan; Baskić D.; Car, Zlatan; Filipovic, Nenad
2021Epidemiological predictive modelling of COVID-19 spreadSustersic, Tijana; Blagojevic, Andjela; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Cvetković, Aleksandar; Lorencin, Ivan; Baressi Šegota, Sandi; Car, Zlatan; Filipovic, Nenad
PaperMissing.pdf.jpg2013Experimental and numerical investigation of electromagnetic field at different cancer cell linesFilipovic, Nenad; Djukic, Tijana; Radović M.; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Marković, Snežana; Jeremic B.
Vol15No2_06.pdf.jpg2021EXPERIMENTAL ELECTROCHEMOTHERAPY USING NOVEL DESIGN SINGLE NEEDLE DEVICECvetković, Aleksandar; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Milašinović, Danko; Jovicic, Nemanja; Miailović N.; Nikolic, Dalibor; Mitrovic, Slobodanka; Filipovic, Nenad
2709-0094-50-12-254.pdf.jpg2023Expression Analysis of COPB2 and Bcl-2 in Early Stages of Endometrial CarcinomaAndrić, Branko; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Blagojević, Stefan; Stanković, Marko; Kokošar, Nenad; Sretenović, Dragutin; Šljivančanin, Dragiša; Milošević, Branislav; Milošev, Danijela; Arsenijevic, Petar
Nikodijevic et al. 2019.pdf.jpg2019Impact of bee venom and melittin on apoptosis and biotransformation in colorectal carcinoma cell linesNikodijević, Danijela; Ćurčić Milutinović, Milena; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Ćupurdija M.; Jovanovic M.; Mrkic, Ivan; Jankulović-Gavrović M.; Marković, Snežana
Nikodijevic et al. 2021.pdf.jpg2021L-amino acid oxidase from snake venom: Biotransformation and induction of apoptosis in human colon cancer cellsNikodijević, Danijela; Jovankic, Jovana; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Anđelković, Marko; Nikezić, Aleksandra; Ćurčić Milutinović, Milena
10.3389-fphar.2016.00417.pdf.jpg2016Length of hospital stay and bed occupancy rates in former Yugoslav Republics 1989-2015Cvetkovic, Aleksandar; Cvetkovic, Danijela; Stojic, Vladislava; Zdravković N.