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Title: The effects of drought on the grain yield of some wheat genotypes (Triticum aestivum l.) under the agroecological conditions of south serbia
Authors: Aksic M.
Šekularac, Gordana
Pejic B.
Ratknić M.
Gudzic N.
Gudzic S.
Grĉak M.
Grčak, Dragan
Journal: Applied Ecology and Environmental Research
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2020
Abstract: © 2020, ALÖKI Kft., Budapest, Hungary. The paper aimed at identifying wheat genotypes tolerant to drought stress. The study repeated in three consecutive years was done on the alluvial soil of the Southern Morava river valley in South Serbia. The average wheat grain yield was higher by 124.5% under irrigation conditions than without irrigation. Over the experimental period, the average water consumed on wheat evapotranspiration under irrigation conditions was higher by 38.9% than without irrigation. Based on correlation statistical results and principal component analysis (PCA), in the case of stress resistant wheat genotypes, stress susceptibility index (SSI), tolerance index (TOL), mean productivity (MP), geometric mean productivity (GMP), stress tolerance index (STI), yield index (YI), yield stability index (YSI) as well as the LSD test was proved to be invariably efficient for determining the stress-tolerant genotypes. The result of tolerance index concerning drought and LSD test denoted that the Pobeda variety had a superior tolerance to stress due to drought than the other genotypes. Considering a comparatively low percentage of irrigated wheat fields in Serbia, it seemed to be outstandingly significant to identify the wheat genotypes tolerant to drought stress so that stable yields could be obtained.
Type: Article
DOI: 10.15666/aeer/1805_74177430
ISSN: 15891623
SCOPUS: 85094865587
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