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Title: Research of the effect of discrete light sources on seeds of vegetable and green cultures and the possibility of their approximation to modified sunlight
Authors: Donskoy, Danila
Lukyanov, Alexandr
Ключка, Евгения
Petković, Marko
Journal: 2019 IEEE East-West Design and Test Symposium, EWDTS 2019
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2019
Abstract: © 2019 IEEE. This article discusses the method of increasing the germination and speed of seed development using the optimal ratio of spectral components of intensity and photoperiod required for the seeds of vegetable and green cultures at the germination stage. The method is based on the approximation of the limited spectra of discrete sources of illumination to a continuous modified spectrum of sunlight by the method of the least squares in order to minimize the square of the approximation error. Six different types of LEDs (red, green, blue, white (RGB), 'full-spectrum' (RGBWFI) and infrared) was used for the approximation of the continuous spectrum for radish seeds. The experiment period was three days. After the three days of experimental seedlings, the average root length (stimulated by RGBWFI LED) was 9.4 mm, the total length of the germ 24.7 mm, the root thickness 0.85 mm and the total germination percentage 89.7%. We research is being conducted on various seeds to accurately optimize the method for a specific seed culture. The found efficiency criteria will provide an opportunity to systematize numerous well-known results of the impact of variable light modes in order to identify plants as a biological object by optical properties.
Type: Conference Paper
DOI: 10.1109/EWDTS.2019.8884391
SCOPUS: 85075273691
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