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Title: Fault analysis of gearboxes in open pit mine
Authors: Vasic M.
Stojanovic, Blaza
Blagojevic M.
Journal: Applied Engineering Letters
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2020
Abstract: © 2019 Published by the Serbian Academic Center. The paper presents the results of testing gearboxes in coal open pit mine which have been damaged by various mechanisms. Gearboxes, as constituents of belt conveyors, bucket-wheel excavators and bucket chain excavators and spreaders, are the most loaded segments of drive units the functionality of which affects the operation of complete coal and overburden systems. Therefore, special attention has to be paid to their condition so that the analysis of relevant condition indicators could lead to correct conclusions as to their functionality, as well as point to the factors causing their fault. Tests were carried out on 95 gearboxes throughout 2017, during general repairs at Drmno mine workshop. After examination, all identified failures were illustrated with an appropriate photo, classified according to the appropriate standard, and described in the form of manifestation and cause. The research has shown that the most dominant were faults of bearings and lubrication, whether seals and cuffs or a thin hermetic layer between the housing and covers. In addition, some of the faults happened on gears and toothed and stepped shafts. Major irregularities in operation, resulting from damage to gearbox elements, are show by fault tree analysis (FTA).
Type: Article
DOI: 10.18485/aeletters.2020.5.2.3
ISSN: 24664677
SCOPUS: 85087842540
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