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Title: Finite-time asynchronous dissipative filtering of conic-type nonlinear Markov jump systems
Authors: Zhang X.
He J.
Stojanović, Vladimir
Luan X.
Journal: Science China Information Sciences
Issue Date: 1-May-2021
Abstract: In the present study, the finite-time asynchronous dissipative filter design problem for the Markov jump systems with conic-type nonlinearity is studied. The hidden Markov model can describe the asynchronism embodied in the system modes and the filter modes reasonably. Moreover, a suitable Lyapunov-Krasovskii function is utilized and linear matrix inequalities are applied to obtain adequate conditions. These techniques guarantee the finite-time boundedness and strict dissipativity of the filtering error dynamic system. Furthermore, the design problems of the passive filter and the H filter are studied by adjusting the three parameters U, G and V. Finally, the filter gains and the optimal index α* are obtained and the correctness and feasibility of the designed approach are verified by a simulation example. ∞
Type: Article
DOI: 10.1007/s11432-020-2913-x
ISSN: 1674733X
SCOPUS: 85103082377
Appears in Collections:Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Kraljevo
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