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Title: Poljske učionice – doprinos savremenom vaspitanju i obrazovanju
Authors: Mladenović, Jelena
Milić, Ivana
Journal: Uzdanica
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Abstract: The paper deals with field classrooms as a model of the contemporary approach to education. Special attention is given to the hygienic and pedagogical impact of this kind of teaching to children’s physical and mental development and the development of the society as a whole. Sreten Adžić’s book Field classroom ‒ hygienic and pedagogical institution (1924) was analysed. The book contains practical instructions for creating field classrooms. By using the descriptive method, field classrooms are analysed as outdoor places in which students can learn natural sciences and mathematics, read, write, listen to nature sounds, practice logical reasoning skills and make connections between different subjects contents, through interacting with nature, surrounded with greenery, in an enjoyable environment in the fresh air. It can be concluded that the idea of using field classrooms in teaching should be revived as a way of modernizing the educational system.
Type: Article
ISSN: 1451-673X
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