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dc.contributor.authorMarković R.-
dc.contributor.authorArsić, Dušan-
dc.contributor.authorNikolic, Ruzica-
dc.contributor.authorLazic, Vukic-
dc.contributor.authorHadzima, Branislav-
dc.contributor.authorMilovanović, Vladimir-
dc.contributor.authorDwornicka, Renata-
dc.contributor.authorUlewicz, Robert-
dc.description.abstractNumerous phenomena that occur during the process of machine parts’ regeneration have a significant impact on the loss of their working ability. Therefore, the properties of the working surfaces of the teeth flanks of repaired gears were analyzed in this research. The hereditary properties of the gear teeth are expressed by the interdependence of their geometric and physical-mechanical-metallurgical parameters created during the technological operations of regeneration of worn teeth by welding/hard-facing. The hard-facing was executed with three filler metal types, namely: combination Inox 18/8/6 + EDur 600, Castolin 2 and UTP 670. The tested properties included geometrical accuracy, microstructure and microhardness. Evaluation of the executed regeneration procedures was done by comparing the mentioned parameters of the regenerated gears and the new ones. The tested gears were not withdrawn from production due to damage, but they were newly manufactured and intentionally damaged gears, made of the same materials, subjected to the same manufacturing process. In this way, all influences except for the considered filler metal type were eliminated. Based on results of the conducted experiments, it was possible to establish the influence of the filler metal type on the surface characteristics of the regenerated gears’ teeth flanks.-
dc.titleExploitation characteristics of teeth flanks of gears regenerated by three hard-facing procedures-
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