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Title: Organic farming as the basis for the long-term health of the soil ecosystem
Authors: Semenov, Aleksandr
Đukić, Dragutin
Mandić, Leka
Đurović, Vesna
Glinushkin, Alexey
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: This study compares and discusses two farming systems that differ in content – organic and conventional (intensive) systems. In this regard, a modern definition of soil content is proposed, with the “soil ecosystem” concept used as the modern alternative to the traditional representation of what the soil is. Some features of the functioning of soil ecosystems in the two different farming systems, conventional and organic, are examined. The inner essence and the external performance of these two alternative land-use systems are revealed. The importance of the development of organic agriculture is emphasized by the documents of international organizations (IFOAM). The tasks that need to be addressed during the transition to a knowledge-intensive system of production of environmentally friendly agricultural products under organic farming conditions are briefly listed. The focus is on those aspects that are important in the transition from intensive to organic farming. The need to introduce a new characteristic of soil ecosystems – soil health – is discussed. A modern definition of “soil health” is given. The positive impact of organic farming and its technologies on soil health is discussed. The list of actions for the continuous maintenance and reproduction of soil health is presented. Much attention is paid to soil health maintenance, remediation and rehabilitation. The problems of protecting plants and crops from harmful organisms in organic farming are discussed. The phenomenon “oligotrophication of agro ecosystems” as an unconventional way of healing and maintaining the health of soil ecosystems is considered and discussed. The thesis about the necessity to consider soil quality and fertility as components of the new characteristic – “soil health” – is proposed.
Type: article
DOI: 10.5937/AASer2152131S
ISSN: 0354-9542
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