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Title: Effect of the position in the build chamber on the fatigue strength of DMLS produced maraging steel
Authors: Croccolo, D.
De Agostinis, M.
Fini, S.
Olmi, G.
Paiardini, L.
Robusto, F.
Ćirić Kostić, Snežana
Bogojevic, Nebojsa
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: Previous studies investigated the effects of build orientation, allowance for machining, heat and surface treatments on the fatigue response of DMLS produced Maraging steel. This work focuses on the potential effect of the position of the built part in the chamber on the generation of powder residuals and consequently on the fatigue strength. The retrieved S-N curves indicate the response keeps unaffected by this factor.
Type: conferenceObject
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