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Authors: Tomić, Dalibor
Stevović, Vladeta
Đurović, Dragan
Madic, Milomirka
Marjanović, Miloš
Pavlović, Nenad
Journal: Zbornik radova / XXVII savetovanje o biotehnologiji sa međunarodnim učešćem
Issue Date: Mar-2022
Abstract: Recently, we have witnessed a continuous rise in the prices of phosphorus fertilizers, which are becoming less and less available, especially in developing countries. In addition, the low mobility of phosphorus in the soil and its immobilization in forms inaccessible to plants contribute to the lower efficiency of phosphorus fertilizers applied through the soil. In order to reduce these problems, efforts are being made to find alternative solutions for supplying perennial forage legumes with phosphorus, which could in the future contribute to an economical and efficient solution to the problem of phosphorus deficiency in plants. One such solution is foliar fertilization. However, today we are also working on breeding plants in the direction of creating genotypes with better root architecture. Also, we are working on the selection of genotypes that can use phosphorus from sparingly soluble phytates, as well as the selection in the direction of intensifying symbiosis with mycorrhizal fungi that contribute to the mobility of phosphorus in the soil.
Type: conferenceObject
DOI: 10.46793/SBT27.033T
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