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Title: Benchmarking of Heat Energy Consumption in Public Buildings in the City of Kragujevac
Authors: Gordić, Dušan
Jurišević, Nebojša
Živković, Dubravka
Vukašinović, Vladimir
Milovanovic, Dobrica
Končalović, Davor
Josijevic, Mladen
Journal: Energetics 2018 : proceedings
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Final energy consumption in buildings has the highest share in final energy consumption on a global level. Heat has the highest share in final energy consumption in European buildings. Also, public buildings consume more final energy than residential buildings in general. Specific heat consumption is an important parameter that indicates the state of energy efficiency of the building sector. In this paper, specific heat consumption of public buildings in the city of Kragujevac is analyzed. Part of the data collected for the Energy Efficiency Program for the City of Kragujevac is presented and compared with similar results from other countries and cities. Authors conclude that specific heat consumption in municipal buildings of Kragujevac is relatively high compared to other countries and that its values also vary depending on building purpose and building built year.
Type: conferenceObject
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