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Title: Mathematical modeling and experimental verification parameters valve plate of axial piston pumps of water hydraulic
Authors: Todic, Nenad
Savić, Slobodan
Gordić, Dušan
Vulovic, Snezana
Sustersic, Vanja
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Water as the working medium is a totally new concept as many users have been accustomed to only mineral oil or other fluids in hydraulic machines. The application of pressurized water as the working medium is not new as its history actually went back more than two thousand years. The paper presents modern water hydraulics technology, commencing from its early development to its current applications. This paper will also present the factors that resulted in the decline of water hydraulic applications and the factors that have contributed to the re-emergence of water hydraulics today. The advantages of using water in hydraulic systems are discussed, various important properties of water are presented, and some of the recent research works done by various investigators in water hydraulics are also highlighted.
Type: article
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