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Title: The application of cameras on the heavy duty vehicles with aim to increase the driver visual field
Authors: Stojanovic, Nadica
Grujic, Ivan
Glišović, Jasna
Bošković, Bojana
Vasiljević, Saša
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: Today, the big attention is giving to the traffic safety. By technology progression, as well as it application on the vehicles, the traffic accidents were reduced significantly. The drivers of the heavy duty vehicles, because of dimensions, in great number of situations cannot see other traffic participants, whether it was a vulnerable group or a car. So because of this reasons, cameras and sensors have found application at vehicles, and which in each moment are providing information to the driver if near him is other traffic participant. In this paper, will be shown the visual field of the driver of the heavy duty vehicle by application of mirrors and cameras in RAMSIS software package. It comes to the conclusion that on the vehicle is better to use cameras instead mirrors, because on this way the visual field as well as the traffic safety are increasing.
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