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Title: Parameters Identification and Minimization of Safety Coefficient for Surface Durability of Internal Planetary Gear Using the Modified Taguchi Approach
Authors: Miladinovic, Slavica
Gajević, Sandra
Devada, Loknath
karthik, kanulla
Boggarapu, Nageswara Rao
Journal: Test Engineering and Management
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: Planetary gear systems produce a large amount of torque with speed reduction creating large contact area between the gears and more resistant to damage due to evenly distributed load. They are being used extensively in gearhead motors, turbine engines, tractors and construction equipment, automatic transmissions, and electric screwdrivers. Many researchers have obtained optimal solution using Taguchi technique and adopting S/N ratio transformation, which is recommended to represent the scatter in output responses of repeated trial runs. If fact, Taguchi method suggests the additive law considering ANOVA table mean values relevant to the optimal input variables while estimating the deterministic output response. In this article, modified Taguchi approach is adopted for selecting optimal parameters viz., gear material, module and gear width to minimize the safety coefficient for surface durability (SCSD) of internal planetary gear. Also, the SCSD range is estimated for the desired set of input parameters. The developed empirical relation for SCSD is validated considering all possible combinations of the input parameters.
Type: article
ISSN: 01934120
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