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Title: New concepts for cities that produce – food for billion (technological, economical social and legal aspects of vertical farming)
Authors: Djuric, Ana
Bogdanović, Natalija
Petrović, Vukašin
Mihajlović, Mila
Bogdanović, Gordana
Sustersic, Vanja
Petrovic, Lazar
Bogdanovic, Anđelija
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Vertical Farming has been a primary topic of debate in the field of architecture, engineering, and agriculture. There has been a lot of skepticism and disbelief in the effectiveness and efficiency of vertical farms in cities. Many critics believe it is not affordable or realizable and the aim of this paper is to disprove these critics by presenting three examples that prove vertical farms are the future, and the dependence for billions of people; as great migration to cites are occurring all over the world. These examples will vary from the large scale farm buildings to small scale family farms: Singapore Sky Greens – Greens for Five Million; 1 Million Pounds/3 Acres ; Family Farm in the Big City. The paper will include technological, economic, social, and legal aspects of vertical farming.
Type: conferenceObject
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