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Authors: Matejic, Milos
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: The cycloid reducers belong to a group of planetary power transmissions. They appeared in the first half of the XX century and since then their application has been in constant expansion. An innovative approach to designing a cycloid reducer is the basic subject of doctoral dissertation research. Within this research, a comprehensive overview of the literature sources related to the problem of cycloidal reducers is presented. They are then described in detail in the practice of the most commonly used concepts of single and double stage cycloid reducers. Special attention has been paid to analytical and experimental models for determining efficiency. For one particular cycloid reducer, the calculation of the efficiency was performed, and then the obtained results were confirmed experimentally. In the framework of the dissertation, mathematical models for determining the dynamic stability of all presented concepts of cycloid reducers have been developed. Special attention is paid to the optimization of cycloidal reducers. In the AUTODESK Inventor software package, parametric modeling of the single-stage and double-stage cycloid reducer of the described concepts has been developed. Within the application, it is possible to perform a complete calculation of all cycloid reducer vital parts, as well as a calculation of the efficiency. The developed application is a completely new approach to the design and optimization of power transmission gearboxes. At the end of the dissertation, the final considerations, as well as the directions of future research in the field of cycloid reducer, are presented.
Type: doctoralThesis
Appears in Collections:Faculty of Engineering, Kragujevac

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