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Authors: Rakić, Boris
Ivanović, Lozica
Josifović, Danica
Ilic, Andreja
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The analysis of the stress – strain at hydro accumulator cylinder under the various load conditions by experimental and numerical method are presented in this paper. The considered hydro accumulator is used at hydraulic installation of air plane. For experimental testing, extension measuring methods by strain gauges are used. Testing device that allows variations of load pressures within hydro accumulator cylinder is used. For temperature measurement the thermocouple copper-constantan connected to miliampermeter graduate for different values of temperatures in Celsius scale is used. The numerical simulation of stress-strain state under different values of load pressure is done. The correlations of related results obtained by experimental testing and numerical simulation are done. The values obtained by measuring and related ones, that are numerically calculated are presented by diagrams of stresses and deformations in functions of load pressures. The research presented in this paper highlight hydro accumulator cylinder answer to different load pressures under exploitation conditions, so to define real limits of load pressure during exploitation. The fully understanding of stress-strain state at hydro accumulator cylinder in exploitation is key element of safety and reliability analysis of air plane hydraulic installation.
Type: conferenceObject
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