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Title: Improving the quality of final product by Poka-Yoke system on assembly workstation: A case study
Authors: Savković, Marija
Komatina, Nikola
Caiazzo C.
Djapan, Marko
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Contemporary lean oriented organizations strive to improve the quality of final product, increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer complaints. One of the possible solutions to achieve continuous improvement of traditional assembly workstation is the implementation of innovative Poka-Yoke system. Poka-Yoke system has the role that guides the operator step by step through the assembly process and, on this way, increases quality of the final product and decreases errors in production processes. In this research paper authors proposed modular assembly workstation, integrated with a Poka-Yoke system on which the research was conducted. The main aim of this research paper is to show that the implementation of the Poka-Yoke system reduces operator's error and increases the quality of the final product during the performance of monotonous, repetitive assembly tasks.
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