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Title: Material parameters identification of concrete damage plasticity material model
Authors: Rakić, Dragan
Bodić, Aleksandar
Milivojević, Nikola
Dunić, Vladimir
Zivkovic, Miroslav
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: This paper presents a procedure for identifying concrete damaged plasticity material model parameters. A concrete damaged plasticity model is used to describe concrete behavior under quasistatic cyclic or dynamic loads. The theoretical basis of this material model and review of all parameters that define it are presented in the paper. The concrete damaged plasticity model parameters were determined by using experimental results of cyclic loading-unloading uniaxial compression and tension tests. A stress-strain dependence diagram is created based on the experimental data. That dependence is used to determine stress-plastic strain, stress-degradation diagrams and to identify material model parameters. Verification of identified parameters is performed using PAK software package. Finite Element Method (FEM) model was created for cyclic loading-unloading uniaxial tests simulations and numerical simulations are performed using the concrete damaged plasticity model. Results obtained by numerical simulations are compared with experimental results and numerical results from the literature. By comparing the results, it is concluded that the concrete damaged plasticity model parameters can be efficiently identified by applying proposed procedure.
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