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Title: Data Model for Creating Applications for Maintenance and Management of the Documentation
Authors: Aleksić, Nataša
Erić, Milan
Ivanović, Lozica
Tadic, Branko
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 21 st century is characterized by a very strong interest and importance of quality products and services, as well as the need of effective protection that managers can use the system for making information security program information security performance measurement, which, in addition to improving the process used protection stakeholders for decision making and implementation safety requirements of clients. The idea is that the Technical College of Professional Studies functionally integrated in order to achieve quality education and research. This paper presents a data model for an integrated system of quality high school vocational technical studies as the basis for the development of application software maintenance and management of quality system documentation introduced. The objective of this project task is to try the integration of standards JUS ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for the Technical High School of Professional Studies.
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