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Title: Development and Implementation of Drucker-Prager Constitutive Model for Plane Strain Condition
Authors: Jović, Nikola
Rakić, Dragan
Zivkovic, Miroslav
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Theoretical basis of the Drucker-Prager constitutive model is given and the implicit stress integration in the case of a plane strain state is shown in this paper. The reduction of the stress and strain tensor to the plane strain case was carried out, after which an algorithm for implicit stress integration was developed using the governing parameter method. This algorithm was implemented in the PAK program package. The verification of the developed algorithm was done through several examples where the results compared with 3D model, as well as with the solutions obtained by using other software. On the basis of the obtained results it can be concluded that the developed algorithm for implicit stress integration, gives identical results with solutions using the 3D constitutive model, as well as solutions using other software.
Type: conferenceObject
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