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Title: Influence of the biomaterial porosity on the host tissue response, the friction and adhesion
Authors: Zivic, Fatima
Grujovic, Nenad
Mitrovic, Slobodan
Adamovic, Dragan
Petrovic, Vojislav
Bukvic L.
Radovanović, Andreja
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The paper presents short review of different aspects of the introduction of porosity into the bulk biomaterial and effects on different material characteristics, especially related to friction and adhesion. Nowadays, there is a great interest to investigate relations between porosity, different mechanical signals due to controlled topography and cell responses generated accordingly. Examples of current investigations of custom developed scaffolds for tissue engineering related to cell seeding and hip stem component are shown. Friction, adhesion and adhesive forces are briefly defined as related to porous material structures and the relevance of nano- and micro-level surface layers in such structures. Patterning techniques and microfabrication techniques for production of controlled and random porous surface layers are given. Influence of porosity on adhesion and friction is presented through several existing experimental results. However, there is a lack of existing data related to many aspects of these novel porous materials and structures.
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