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Title: Increasing of tool life for hot forging using surface modification
Authors: Stefanovic, Milentije
Dzunic, Dragan
Mandic, Vesna
Aleksandrovic, Srbislav
Adamovic, Dragan
Mitrovic, Slobodan
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Techno-economic indicators in the hot forging of steel and other materials are highly dependent on the total life of forging tools, that is, the number of forged parts requires accuracy of regeneration after etching. Key influences on the life of tools, like in every tribo-system are: the pieces of material, geometry and material tools and machines for forging and environmental conditions. Characteristics of hot forging high temperatures are in contact materials and tools, and local high working pressures, the dynamic character of the load tools etc. Tool life is usually limited to the complex mechanisms of wear and tear, as a consequence of cyclic loading, such as abrasive and adhesive wear and, thermal and mechanical fatigue, and plastic deformation. This paper presents an overview of opportunities for increasing the life of forging tools by modern techniques for modifying the working surfaces of tools, according to comparative results of different methods, and gives appropriate recommendations.
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