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Title: Stress and strain state of cycloid disc
Authors: Blagojevic, Mirko
Djordjevic, Zorica
Vesna, Marjanović
Marjanovic, Nenad
Stojanovic, Blaza
Vujanac, Rodoljub
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: This paper deals with stress and strain state analysis for cycloid disk, as a vital element at cycloidal speed reducer, for a case when machining tolerances exist. Three cases of the most critical meshing have been analysed: single, double and triple meshing. Values of forces between the rollers of the stationary central gear and cycloid gear were analytically calculated. Stress and strain state analysis were numerically realised by application of FEM. The whole range of models with different cases of load distribution has been made. Obtained results are showed in a form of figures, diagrams and tables. Finally, conclusions were made, based on realised analysis.
Type: conferenceObject
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