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Title: Numerical simulation of welding parameters influence on temperature field during GMAW welding
Authors: Bjelić, Mišo
Vukićević, Miomir
Kolarevic, Milan
Petrović, Aleksandra
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Welding is the dominant method for joining materials by indissoluble bond in most industrial applications. The trend of automation and robotisation of welding processes is exponential, so the continued development requires understanding and modeling of welding parameters influence on the distribution of power in the electric arc, heat and mass transfer in the welding area and the geometry and structure of the weld. In this article, the results of temperature field simulations are interpreted for different values of input parameters. The influence of heat input, welding speed, thickness of welded plates, the coefficient of efficiency of electric arc and type of base material on the temperature field i.e. geometry of molten pool and HAZ during welding is shown.
Type: conferenceObject
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