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Title: Basic principles of artificial intelligence in modeling assembly operations in CAM
Authors: Ivanovic, Marina
Babić A.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Virtual product design represents a technological key for reduction of costs arising from the errors generated in the processes of engineering design during product life cycle. It is important to establish a connection between CAD design of products and complex limitations of assembly operations in CAM so that the design process is provided with the conditions for development and modification in a virtual environment before the beginning of production. The advantage of this linking in design processes is in overcoming creation of expensive physical production systems so that all variant research could be carried out on a virtual model. This integration can be seen on the example of tank waggons. Artificial intelligence is designed to collect, represent, organize, and use computer knowledge, and in the possession of properties, has a significant effect in establishing intelligent production. This paper is realized as part of exam on Ph.D. studies: Integrated design of prefabricated structures and processes, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kraljevo.
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