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Title: Comparison of conventional and robotic workplace based on economic and production indicators
Authors: Vukićević, Miomir
Bjelić, Mišo
Kolarevic, Milan
Petrović, Aleksandra
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Semi-automatic GMAW process can ensure high quality of welded seams. However, the problem of finding enough qualified welders hit a large number of companies in our industry. A large number of certified welders in recent years were retired or is very close to retirement. On the other hand, a very demanding training for acquiring certificates and the general climate in the country related to mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering industries, have made that fewer and fewer young people opt for this job. The development of robotics in recent years made the welding robots with highly improved performance at significantly lower prices. The same welding process – GMAW process applies at robotic workplace. Advanced software features, ease of programming and improved reliability have made the robotic welding cells represent a solution that is imposed by itself.
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