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Title: Upravljanje silom držanja pri dubokom izvlačenju-značaj i ograničenja
Authors: Aleksandrovic, Srbislav
Stefanovic, Milentije
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: Control of the blank holding force (BHF) enables control of friction on the flange during deep drawing process and significantly influence on course and process results in that way. Presented in the paper are analysis of the influence degree of flange friction on plastic forming process and significance of variable blank holding force (VBF) like normal force as a part of that. Also given are the results of experimental researches of VBF influence on deep drawing process. Realized is cylindrical part deep drawing in conditions of: a) constant BHF application (literature recommendation), b) constant BHF application (optimized) and c) VBF application. Material is low carbon steel sheet and 3 regimes of friction are used (dry, oil and oil + PET foil). Monitored are: drawing depths, sheet surface deformations, thinning deformations, drawing forces and BHF forces. We can conclude, at the end, that there is possibility of important process improving by application of VBF beside evident limitations.
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