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Title: Impact of the electric mobility implementation on the greenhouse gases production in Central European countries
Authors: Skrucany, Tomas
Kendra, Martin
Stopka, Ondrej
Milojević, Saša
Figlus, Tomasz
Csiszár, Csaba
Journal: Sustainability (Switzerland)
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2019
Abstract: © 2019 by the authors. The preference and the development of electromobility are included among the priorities of transport policies in many European countries. This article deals with the issue of electric vehicle operation from the point of view of the environmental impact of electric power production, specifically the energy effectiveness of its production by utilizing primary power production sources. Differences in the effectiveness of the conversion of mixed forms of energy into electricity and their share in the process directly affect the final level of greenhouse gases (GHG) production, and thus the ecological footprint of electric vehicle operations. The specification of energy consumption and GHG production is based on the principles of the EN 16 258: 2012 standard, which considers legislative-regulated power plant effectiveness values, statistical values of GHG emissions from electricity production, and real energy consumption values of an electric vehicle fleet. The calculation takes into account the share of primary sources and the efficiency of electricity production and effectiveness of electricity distribution in each of the evaluated countries. The specific research study is performed by comparing measured parameters for individual countries chosen from the Central Europe region. The results of the study show that the quantification of the positive environmental consequences of increasing electromobility varies greatly in different countries, which means full-scale deployment of electromobility does necessarily deliver the sustainability of transport that was expected from it.
Type: article
DOI: 10.3390/su11184948
SCOPUS: 85072602147
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